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Football Manager 2018 Update Available now

The price as an existing buyer is £7.99 for the update on 4x DVD's or £10.99 on 1x 16gb USB stick

By purchasing the update you will be given access to all additional content free of charge.


What is included

Below is a list what is included

Below is what will be included as free downloadable content when it is available

If you need any more info then please email me at richard@gaming-uk.net or use the contact us link at the top of the page.

How to order?

You can order from the below paypal buttons, PLEASE let me know when ordering if you need the MAC compatible disc, as by default I send the PC disc. Please choose the button based on your location.


Please order from the below two options

DVD Update

Postal Location


Postal Location


Q. When will the update be available?

A. The update will be available for the the day after the BETA is released.


Q. So will the update work on the Beta?

A. Yes, it will work on both the beta and the full game as well as the demo which will be released later in the year.


Q. How easy is it to install?

A. For the PC it will auto install, just double click each file and it will install for you. On the Mac you need to extract a set of files to a specific location.


Q. How do I get future updates?

A. Upon purchasing the disc I will give you a link from where you can down additional content that is not on the discs.


Q. Can I download the update instead of having it on DVD?

A. Currently no, this is down to the size of the update which is going to be around 13gig.